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Mike Glodo is Associate Professor of Biblical studies and Dean of the Chapel at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando where he teaches biblical studies, preaching, and pastoral theology. He served six years (2000-2006) as Stated Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Pep Talk re Illustrating

We live in the shift from the typographic to the iconographic age. The previous shift was from orality to typography, or literacy, as the medium of print gradually emerged, ultimately sealed by Gutenberg. This latter shift, from typography to iconography, … Continue reading

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sounds of tuning, riffs on scales, quiet murmur of voices …tap, tap, tap! baton poised midair backs straighten, scooch forward on chair instrument to lips…inhale & hold! downbeat! overture like sea swells, its echoes will return buoyant upon Being, Wisdom, … Continue reading

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“Christ Is Risen!”…”So What?”

Tomorrow is Easter when Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Churches across America will celebrate Easter. Although many ministers who don’t believe it happened will stand in museum pulpits in what were once churches and try to think of … Continue reading

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Baptism is the new (old) penance

For my Lenten-friendly Protestant friends, I sympathize. You might have been raised in a tradition which regularly observed the liturgical calendar and find it perfectly normal. On the other hand you may be from an anti-liturgical tradition suspicious even of … Continue reading

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Proverbs for Beginning Seminary

Proverbs for Beginning Seminary Mike Glodo[1] Accept that you are now a big fish in a pond with other big fish – It is possible, even likely, that you are coming from a context in which your gifts for ministry … Continue reading

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Motel 6 Worship

Motel 6 Worship Christianity Today online recently compiled the response of several worship leaders to the question “should churches dim the lights for worship?”[1] What disappointed me was that none of the pro-light-show responses made any references to pop culture, … Continue reading

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Beginning Seminary: New Student Counsel by Mike Glodo

Get thee to the church – to a church, yes, but also to the church. Your time in seminary can provide the opportunity to experience a variety of local churches. You may have just left a situation in which you … Continue reading

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